Misa Salacova

How would you describe the music you play in your deejay sets? What kind of music, favourite producers and labels?
My favourite sound is something between techno and electro,I love melodic techno with vocals and many kind of drums, with typical electro sound, guitars… My favourite labels are Intec, Novamute, Superstar…

What kind of person are you?
I think I am happy person, I love fun and I love people. It is my world :-)

In what way did you get in contact with music and electronic dance music in particular?
I play just for a short time – two years. But dance music I know a long time, and to became a DJ was my dream :-) I had very good teacher and I trained every day, I wanted to be better and better…

What are your future plans for the you as a deejay? How long must we wait for the release of your productions?
I want to play all known and good party, of course :-) And my first release will be ready soon :-)

Your first, please correct me if i'm wrong, gig in Holland is in febr 2005. Ever been to Holland before? Looking forward to it?
Sure, I was in Holland, but not as a DJ and it was a long time ago…I enjoy myself so much to go there!

Your first gig was in 2002 (nov), do you see connection between you being an ex- miss chech republic and the the way in which your deejay carrier is involving? How is it involving anyway?
I have to say, that the beginning of my carrer DJ was little bit difficult, because people of underground scene didn't understand, that somebody, who won comercial competition, can play underground music… But today people are used to, I hope, and they understad me :-) They see, that for me is music my life…

Kne'deep, your agent in Berlin, is also the agent of the famous deejay: Rush. What d'you wanna tell us about him?
It is funny, because I don't know him – personaly - But for me it is one of the bests DJs of the world :-)

The Chech Republic joined the EU in 2004, are you happy with that? Do politics even get your attention?
Sure, I am happy with that :-) I think that right know we are close to other countries and people in EU.

My friends will kill me if i don't ask, do you have a boyfriend?
Yes, I have a boyfriend *smile*