GT: Miss Yetti, they've probably asked you a thousand times already, but where does the name "Yetti" come from?
Y: "Yetti" came from my real name "Henrietta". My family and my friends called me "Yetti" when i was a kid. And when i started to dj one of the first promoters just put the "Miss" infront of the flyer and so "Miss Yetti" was born.

GT: You're currently working in the studio for new tracks. What can we expect? Will everything be released on Gold und Liebe? (Working on an album?)
Y: I just finished a new maxi single for my label and a remix for a track from ricardo vilallobos, which i will release on gold und liebe together with a lasse lovelace remix. i am also working on my new album and a project together with Robert Görl.

GT: You are a deejay for a long time now, can you describe the changes your music made through the years?
Y: I started to play house music and after a while my style developed more into techno and electro. But i think a good djset from me always represent a trip through different kinds of styles/genres of music. Which is also what i was doing on my last mix cd. Even though my preferences changed in some ways through out the years, certain sounds and the melancholic atmosphere has always been essential to my music. My emotions, my thoughts and the environment also play an important role in my dj sets as well as my own productions.

GT: Did your pedagogic and psychologic degree change anything to the way you look at the techno scene?
Y:When you study something and extend your knowledge in certain areas, then of course it influence your percetion of your environment.

GT: Not many people combine a pedagogic and psychologic degree with techno, did you make any innovative discovery's so far?
Y: Yes, I discover a lot. you can read it in my upcoming book called "the afterhour" and some parts also in my dissertation about the connection about personal traits and music preferences.

GT: What's your vision on being a techno musician anyway?
Y: I use the music as a channel to express and i believe this universal language.

GT: You bought your first record in Cologne and now live in Berlin. We see Cologne, Berlin and Frankfurt as the biggest techno city's of Germany. Can you share your thought's, about Berlin being a techno capital, with us? Will you stay in Berlin, or want to go back to Cologne someday?
Y: For me it makes no sense to call berlin "the technocapital" but i believe that its one of the most interesting and important places, also regarding music. A lot of artists from all over the world are living here and the atmosphere of berlin is very free and creative. thats why the city is a meltingpot of a lot of different art and music influences. if i leave berlin, it would definitely be for a more sunny place, when i will have my own family one day.

GT: You've got a very flashy website! Do you see the internet as an important medium to promote your label, releases and yourself?
Y: Yes, its the fastest developing medium at the moment and for me, its interesting and important to participate.

GT: The Berlin based label K7! stops with the copy protection on their cd's and even puts a special label on their discs: "No copy protection, respect the music". How do you feel about people downloading tracks and sets from the internet and starting deejay's buying Final Scratch to enable them to play downloaded mp3's?
Y: If people download tracks and sets without paying the composers, especially with the purpose of djing, is for me unacceptable.

GT: What about other releases from you?
Y: Pale music released this month a track from me, which is on the "berlin-insane" compilation and there is coming the track "destroyed love" on david carrettas label "space-factory disques" in december.

GT: What's your top 10 of the moment?
1. "Colors", David Carretta, Gigolo
2. Miss Yettis "Marguerite", Ellen Allien & Prinz Esso Rmxes, Gold und Liebe
3. The Hacker, "Stormy weather", good life
4. Alden Tyrell, "Disco Lunar Module", Clone
5. Gregory Shiff "The Moonless Phonecall", Lofi Stereo
6. Jittery Heritage ep part 2, Italic
7. Sylvie Marks& Hal 9000 Krazee Rmxe, BPitch
8. Gringo grinder "The missing track", onitor
9. Leon Sega, "Black roses", Mr. Lovelace Rmx, Gold und Liebe
10. Miss Yetti, "destroyed love", space factory-disques

We would like to thank Miss Yetti for co-operating with us, please have a look at her website: