A part of Internet history

Back in the days, a group of techno enthousiasts travelled across The Netherlands and beyond to cover the best gigs and festivals on Groovetrackers. Equipped with a digital camera and a notebook, crew members captured moments that last a lifetime.


The specials archive with interviews, party reports and columns about the Dutch techno industry.

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Party Pictures

The best moments of dance and techno gigs, captured by our crew and shared with pride.

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News Archive

The groovetrackers news archive with updates about the Dutch techno industy between 2000 and 2007.

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Events Archive

The agenda for dance and techno events between 2000 and 2007.

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A list of well respected DJ's and live acts.

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An overview of the best veneus in The Netherlands and beyond.

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An overview of well respected record labels.

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An overview of the best techno records, selected and reviewed by our crew.

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Blog Archive

Updates about the groovetrackers website between 2000 and 2007.

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Wall of Fame

Groovetrackers has been made possible thanks to the enthousiastic and endless devotion of our crew and the support of our members. The following people have made significant contributions to the site:


Equiped with his digital camera, Chris attended almost every gig and festival, sharing the best moments with our Groovetrackers visitors. Chris also helped out Wouter with his technical skills to enhance the functionality of the website.


Nobody added more events to the agenda than Goedie. He made sure our party agenda was complete so that our visitors could attend the best parties in the country. Also, if you could win some tickets, he made sure you would be on the guest list.


With his extensive knowledge of the techno industry, Paul conducted in-depth interviews with the techno herous of all time. Also, he arranged the prestigious Groovetrackers Award contest in 2005.


All round crew member who did not miss out on the best parties around to cover the event on camera and interviewing the DJ's.


With her background in communications, Marieke complemented the team. She arranged press accreditations for our crew members and supported the team where possible.


Ro completed our team as a talented column writer. He made many of our readers think twice after sharing his deep thoughts and experiences.

Tnx a ton guys. I really enjoyed the good times and great vibe to establish groovetrackers as a well respected brand in the Netherlands. This archive is here to stay to keep those memories alive.

Wouter W, founder of Groovetrackers