Off_Corso is a unique multimedia lounge facility in the center of Rotterdam, providing a physical focus for invisible networks.

The project is a 'next generation entertainment' environment, which is defined by which it is not. You can drink, but it's not a bar. You can experience art and culture, but it's not a gallery or museum. You can dance, but it's not a discotheque.
Here the worlds of audio, video, computing and culture come together. The result of this combination offers a new dimension for creation, expression and socializing.

By bringing together artists, companies and the general public in an extremely accessible and stimulating space, Off_Corso contributes to the goal of making Rotterdam a leading city in the fields of multimedia, design and communication.

The continually changing environment, with a constant input of new ideas and technology, provides diversity to stimulate regular patrons while also attracting new ones.

Off Corso
Kruiskade 22
Rotterdam, Nederland