Dry had his first contacts with electronic music at the end of the 80's by synthie-pop bands like Depeche Mode or Front 242 and also Kraftwerk. At this time, techno or house were still completely unknown words for him, but it all changed when he got hold of a live recording from Berlin's legendary Bunker Club in the early 90's. He was quite fascinated by the hard and weird sound these DJ's spun at those parties in wrecked buildings after Berliner Wall fell down.

Being only 15 years-old, he purchased the necessary DJ equipment and quickly learned all important techniques. But after a while he noticed, that there are even more interesting styles of music out there besides of noisy gabba and hardcore terror, so he sold a large part of his record collection and tuned into more Detroit- / Chicago-influenced music.

In 1995 he got in touch with the freshly established Headquarters team of Berlin's Tresor Club - a group of young and enthusiastic musicians and DJ's which hold a weekly meeting at Tresor every Wednesdays. Later on Tresor decided to open the vault for the public and by thus they were given a chance to show their mixing skills in front of a larger party crowd. That same year Dry purchased his first studio equipment and began working on his own tracks. The first release came out in 1996 under his pseudonym "3ST" (mumu Records 05).

The year 1998 saw Dry becoming formally a resident DJ in Tresor where he still plays regularly. But the most important milestone of his career definitely came up in July 1999 when he founded his own label "Rampe D Music" together with his longtime friend and studio-partner DJ Dash. The label was meant to be a platform for the music of themselfes and their friends and soon became an essential part of Berlin's label-landscape. The entire Rampe D output has brought them world-wide acceptance as producers, DJ's and live-acts.

But being pissed off about the whole music business itself, they took a quite long release pause from 2002-2003 to reorganize themselfes and the label. Nowadays Dry is back at college, which takes most of his time, but he is still down with electronic music – he and his partner Dash have finally brought the label back on course and many new records are about to come soon.