Jambi Ganbar started DJing while attending university in San Diego, California. He hosted a dance music radio show on the university radio station and played anything from CJ Bolland to Chemical Bros. After running up and down California for 4 years Jambi relocated to Washington, DC and formed with other like minded friends a DJ/Producer crew called Metrotechno. Under that name several techno events were held in the US capital area.

Alongside the Metrotechno activities, Jambi helped build the first US based DJ school and later taught production and DJing. In 2002 in collaboration with a few other local DJs Jambi started a mid-week club called Sleaze. The club presented techno and electro live shows and DJs. Over time the night hosted DJs such as John Selway, Valentino Kanzyani, Justin Robertson, Richard Chartier, DJ Traxx and acts as My Robot Friend, Legowelt, Bankok Impact (creme/bunker), Mummy and Daddy and more.

Jambi's studio in Washington was home to many of his Metrotechno friends and served as a place for collaboration and ideas sharing. Jambi's first remix for DC label District of Corruption was picked up by Jeff Mills to be featured on his mix cd "The Exhibitionist". The second release (DoC002) was warmly welcomed by the music press and gained a lot of attention due to its acid house meets techno theme.

Around the same time Jambi found himself relocating to Berlin, Germany and after quiet a few complements about his wonderful sound design Jambi started mastering records for the likes of Stewart Walker, Jay Haze, Textone and Minus records.

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