Todd Bodine

todd bodine was born in 1976 in berlin. after the berlin wall went down he was searching for identity in the young berlin clubscene. his fascination for the new electronic soundscapes and for djing grew very fast. 1997 he started playing records at the legendary tresor club as a resident dj. he played for a few years his detroit inspired sets, often on three turntables.

his friendship to daniel paul, the owner of cabinet records, introduced todd closer to the world of producing electronic music. in 1999 he released his first record together with daniel paul and dj zky on season records los angeles. todd's second record was released in 2000 on mermaid records (sonarkollektiv) in kombination with daniel paul and honesty. 2001 saw some further coproductions on cabinet records and the release of todd's first solo house-project (travel ep, cab 019).

todd bodine is inspired by jazz, nu jazz, latin beats, detroit sounds and electro. he likes to experiment and to combine different styles and tries to understand music as an entire thing. the result of his ambitions is to reduce sounds and rhythms to the essence. so try to find out what that is and check the release of todd bodine!