Carlos Sosa, aka Dj Sneak is a House Music producer from Chicago.

He started to produce house music in 1992, with the creation of his first label "Defiant". He was very influenced by Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ralphi Rosario, Steve Hurley, etc. His first release was Sneaky Traxx. It sounds different from other house music productions. Sneak developed his own style, a fat beat with a repetitive sample. During the same time he's improve his Djing skill and mix in some local club.

One of the famous Dj sneak's track is certainly "You can't hide from your bud" on Classic recordings, that sample Teddy Pendergrass, "you can't hide from yourself". This "Disco filtered track" is now a classic track that everybody has, at least, heard one time. With this track Sneak prove that Chicago is definitly in the center of House Music.

In 2001, sneak launch a new label : "Magnetic recordings". This label is oriented to tribal house tracks and filtred disco house, simply, the best sneak's Style.
In 2002, he launch another new label : "OOMPH" with one of his first nickname : "groove Source". this label is dedicated to the Dance Floor. the first release on it is very groovy, funky and….fresh. In the same year Sneak produced another famous track with his cousin "Bear Who?", that will be played all over the world by a lot of Djs and broadcast massively on the electronics musics radios. This track is "Fix My sink".

Today Sneak continue to produce good house music on Magnetic recordings and other labels, like Robsoul, where he release his new Album : Housekeeping.

He's not ready to stop producing and it's a chance for us

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