Jean-Guillaume Cabanne is a precursor of the French minimal techno scene. Aged of 30 years old, this confirmed jazzman has already collaborated with a large range of labels and artists. After 5 years spent as a guitar player within the funk band Flag and few experiences among the electronic scene, his meeting with John Thomas will confirm his will to go further in this way and will initiate a long and fructuous collaboration between the two musicians.

Logistic, John's label, will be the first structure to receive the productions of this prolix artist : he signs his two first EPs in 1997 (Log 03 & 04). In 2000, he helps to set up the sub-label Telegraph, exclusively dedicated to the minimal techno sound he likes, and takes the lead of its artistic direction. In addition of his own productions, Cabanne will also be the instigator of the "Post Office" compilation series. Since that time, he had also come out a large bunch of EPs on many labels, Karat in 2002 (Karat 08), Perlon with Ark (under the name Copacabannark), 7th City - the label set up by the two pioneers of the American minimal techno Dan Bell and Claude Young - or Force Inc for a remix of Akufen.

Appart from the solo production, he also works on many group projects, which could be long-lasting - the co-production of the "Blackstage" album with John Thomas, the Copacabannark and Ultrakurt (Cabanne + David Gluck) duets - or more short-lived, for example when he takes part to the "Narod Niki" project during the MUTEK festival of Montreal in 2003 for a several hours live with 8 of the best representants of the minimal movement. Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Dimbiman, Akufen or Ritchie Hawtin were acting live with him… With such experiences, no wonder then if people scrutinize to his next releases ! Among others, a new EP co-produced with Krikor will come out on Karat late 2004…