DJ Dash’s career began in 1989 and his early influences were from the acid house and techno artists from England (ex: Baby Ford). Through his own house parties in 1990-91 (Firehouse) he was able to attract a larger audience. The important gig as resident DJ on the house floor of Berlin’s Bunker Club from 1993-94 opened other musical avenues and he developed a growing interest in „harder“ techno such as Planetary Assault Systems, Jeff Mills, etc.

When Tresor entered his artist realm in 1995, he had already picked up a name for his style: techno with „groove“. In 1997 he became resident DJ in Tresor and since then Dash is not only known as a serious DJ but also a skilled techno musicologist. And to top it all off, Dash manages the successful Tresor Headquarters Team.

In 1999 he founded the Rampe D label with DJ Dry.