Jeff Bennet

In 1975 Jeff was produced by his parents and lives at the moment in Malmoe Sweden.

Jeff who was formely called Mike Pung has been involved in electronic music since 1992 but it all began as a bedroom thing that has since then evolved into a habit.

The earliest infl uences came from Detroit artists like Derrick May, Juan Atkins & Kevin Saunderson, but also from Richie Hawtin‘s label Plus 8 and the artist there like Speedy J, Kenny Larkin etc.

From European artists like Tikiman, Stefan Roberts, 808 state, KLF, Terry lee brown Junior & labels like Plastic city, SVEK, Circulation, early Network releases + many more.
Also alot of reggae & dub artist like Augustus Pablo, Lee Perry, Mad Proffessor, Andy Horace, King Tubby + many more.

He started creating music in 1993 and got hooked on it directly, but it took until 1998 before his fi rst single was to come out on his own label Maskros Music.

Since that single he has released 11 singles and is currently working on new singles for labels like Poker Flat, Episode, Treibstoff, Audio Beyond, Konvex konkav etc. and his up coming album on Episode.

In 1994 he and a partner opened a recordstore called Cosmic One Records that became the first electronic recordstore in Malmoe. With the opening of the recordstore the DJ career got a boost and he started playing on various

A year after the store was opened Jeff & his recordstore partner Jim Groovy started making their own one-off parties and clubs in various sizes. His latest residency was in a house club called Thank God It‘s Friday were he played
almost every friday for over a year.

In 1996 Jeff & Jim started their first label Azurite records. Jeff started his own label Maskros Music in 1998. And in the year 2000 two new labels called Phunctional & Kung Fu Dub we‘re founded.

In 2001 the promising cooperation with Poker Flat started with his very well received 12“:Recognition.