Matt John

Seeing Matt John (27) frickeling behind three turntables and diverse live equipment it makes you wonder, who that one is.

Getting in touch with techno sounds in the mid-nineties he followed his calling for electronic music in starting dj-ing all over Thuringia/Germany. He loves to communicate with the audience in catching them with his groovy minimal tech house and intellegent techno, further kicking them with new experimental inputs into other dimensions. In his residency at “Alte Weberei” from 1999 till 2002, which was the most known club in middle germany at this time, he could try hisself and the ressonance of his music.

In the time sine~music got founded, is to be seen as the beginning of holographic thinking. It stands for 2 poles of one reality and is used as a plattform to communicate and exchange experiences with others.

Together with Marcel Knopf he initiated the sine~music recordstore which has always been a meeting point of people joining time together. With their parties in the “Alte Weberei” called “minimal espresso” they integrated minimal music deeply in the area. Producing his own tracks was just a matter of time.

Getting in touch with Mo’s Ferry Productions, Matt John released his sentimental remix of Dapayks “so high the moon” and for Dapayk & Padberg on “goddess” in 2002.

Following the magnetism of Berlin in 2003 the green wave of sine~music splitted in two and petty confetti as fiction in yellow and blue got born. In this melting point Berlin, he is developing quickly, freaking out on constructing loops for days and exhausted every possibility. He underlines his live acts with a visual performance as petty confetti.

Beatstreet (the after-hour spot in Berlin) got to his homebase, where he launched his live act performances. On this plattform, a performance group with Lady Volt (Starfire) and Michéle arised what gives him the possibility to concentrate purely on music and let the visualisation up to them.

Matt Johns DJ-Sets establish new standards. Combining three turntables and live equipment, he wants to stimulate communication between individuals, mirroring the harmonic cooperation of different souls…

At beatstreet he runs the playground for artists “holographic picnic” where musicians connect their equipment and create sounds together (as seen in April with Troy Pierce –-m-nus, N.Y.—) to enjoy his pleasure of experiments with friends.

The EP “holographic mothers” is a colorful mix reflecting different periods of his productions, “strange suggestions” for example is one of his earliest tracks (2002).

He will spread out is holographic music all over, because…

“Universe is a never ending gorgeous track…”

Matt John