Het Detroit Movement festival zal dit jaar mogelijk geen doorgang vinden. Het festival is een te grote kostenpost voor de, in financiƫle nood zittende, stad Detroit. DJ en organisator Derrick May heeft echter nog goede hoop dat het festival dit jaar gewoon doorgaat.

Vorig jaar was er ook een grote Nederlandse delegatie op het Movement festival, en het report van DJ Estroe kun je hier lezen.


  • Ludwig


    9 February 2005

    Attn: The fest has JUST been approved by the city. Kevin Saunderson and Barbara are in charge. They are still undecided at this point on whether or not they can pull it off with such short notice. If they feel that they don't have enough time, they will wait until next year to do it proper (i.e. sponsors, headliners ready to go). Next year has already been approved. Just thought I'd let ya'll know. If it doesn't go off don't worry there is a 48 hour party that will replace the fest. It won't be in Hart Plaza but it will have awesome talent and it won't cost too much. So, buck up everyone…………FUN WILL STILL BE HAD!!!

    en met n beetje geluk zitte wij dr dit jaar.. :afro:

  • Ludwig


    10 February 2005

    It's a bit too early for a full press release from Kevin Saunderson's camp because a lot of things are still up in the air. Nevertheless we were asked to post the following statement:
    "Kevin Saunderson submitted his proposal to produce the festival in September. It was not until just recently we were told he was given the contract. We suggested benching it for 05 because of the late date and re-grouping for 06 with ample time to prepare and produce the festival properly. We were told that is not an option, and it is necessary to produce it this year. With that in mind, we suggested being able to charge a nominal fee for the festival, as at this late date, it is impossible to fund it otherwise. We are now awaiting the city's response as to whether this is possible or not. As soon as we have an answer, we will announce our plans one way or another. "
    We will keep you updated as things progress.

  • Prop


    16 February 2005

    kut.. hier wil ik serieus nog een keer heen.. bedoeling was dit jaar :B

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