Bora Bora op Ibiza is niet meer. De eindfeesten op het eiland zijn inmiddels voorbij maar vanwege geluidsoverlast moet de wereldberoemde strandtent op Playa D'en Bossa na 8 jaar definitief haar deuren sluiten. In een brief op de Bora internetsite schrijft Resident DJ-GEE dat hij zwaar teleurgesteld is en denkt dat er meer clubs op het eiland zullen volgen.

Before I begin I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all of you for your incredible support over the years especially now with these sad turn of events. My only purpose at Bora Bora was to play music, project my personality and make the party which I did to the best of my ability and enjoyed more than I ever thought possible; it has been truly a labor of love, It's not sunk in yet but I know I'll miss it very much. I've had the best years of my life here because of you all, I only came here to become a beach bum but I found a real treasure that's worth so much more than money. I can't tell you how sad I am to think that I will no longer party and see all the friends and faces from over the last 8 seasons at Bora Bora Ibiza together again, Bora Bora is more than a beach venue it's a unique altitude and has always been about you, make no mistake about that.
I'd like to thank all the guest DJ's that have played at Bora Bora, the record producers, record companies, the Bora Bora workers, Security, web site people, and media for their positive commitment, friendship and support.
Bora Bora has been a place where people of all ages, nationalities, professions and political beliefs can party together as one without fear and discrimination, I'm more proud to be a part of this than anything. The world has become a lot smaller and I really do believe that once all the bull shit is taken away that people can always get on.

Jealousy and greed are very powerful and destructive human emotions and unfortunately we now see them being used against all who have been coming to Ibiza to enjoy the party and make it wealthy over the past thirty years or so.
I don't want to use this writing to promote those responsible for the islands closures any more than necessary, it's incredible and sad to think that Bora Bora, DC10 terrace, Sa Trinxa, KM5, Kumharas, Benirras, etc could be such a threat to those who feel their superiority being challenged, these are more than parties they are traditions that help bring people on to the island who also feed the clubs, if they are to be the only ones here then the sprit of the island is lost, Disneyland with only Mickey mouse is not so much of an attraction.
Well a few clubs closed us all down and so there's not a lot left on this island except a Space that smells of rotting cherries and a forgetfulness of those that have made them wealthy and thinks of no one or anything else than it's own greed and self obsession, the small sharks that have gone along for the ride in this destruction are doing so because they are running scared and have a jealously of their own to get out of their system, they have also been used as a form of camouflage to disguise those responsible but the cowardly act has been uncovered, people are really not as stupid as they think. I wonder who is next, and when there's no one left (which is not a long time away), I'm sure they will be picking on each other again. So now this years closing party's have taken on a new theme, it's now the celebration in the closures of others that will be celebrated by those responsible.

Many people come to Ibiza for the party, its freedom and to enjoy its beauty, it's very well documented in books, mags and film and therefore hard to end up in the wrong place, I mean it's not like this island just started yesterday, all the surrounding hotels and bars of Bora Bora are owned by the same organization. The apartments around were full of people who stay there because they know what to expect.
It's strange to see all the terraces closed down with no music with the exception of Pacha and the two terraces of Space, one of which includes the new roof terrace that like Pacha terrace also has music playing well after midnight.
What's so wrong with people coming here for the best two week of their year to dance on a table on the beach in the sun and feel free and happy? We have always looked after the people coming to Bora Bora and have never had a fatality; I wonder how many other venues can say that? If they want to do some good then maybe they should put their attention to making all the death roads safer or is that still impossible? How many more fatal deaths will there be on these or through dangerous illegal buildings being put up while they are putting their efforts into stopping the party?
If they don't want the clubber anymore and want to replace them with families why didn't they just come out with it?

Bora Bora has made all of us very happy and given us many powerful memories that will stay, and that's something they can't take away from us although I'm sure they would if they could.

Here's one last message to all our friends, Thank you for being there year after year and for your loyal support, whenever you see a plane flying over head remember to wave and think of how it was at Bora Bora, we will party together again but on a different and more inviting playing ground where only this rule will apply, enjoy it to the max because you never know when it will end.

Oh, and tables are for dancing on.

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