Uit de nieuwsbrief van Xcess hebben we vernomen dat The Youngsters niet naar Nederland komen voor hun live act in de Las Palmas dat gepland stond voor 3 december. Xcess betreurt dit ten zeerste. Voor het eerst in de geschiedenis van XCess zijn er artiesten gecancelled die voor 100% bevestigd waren. Gil en Oliver van de Youngsters geven hiervoor de volgende reden: (lees verder)

Hi, i'm gil from THE YOUNGSTERS. I want to give you some explanations about the cancellation of our Rotterdam's gig on friday 3rd december. As I’ve already explain to Yvan our agent, F.communication wanted to organise, for more than six months now, a tour in Australia. This tour was supposed to be organised last June but, unfortunately has been cancelled in the last minute Our new album is just released in Australia, + we have to support the promo of the " F.COM Channel's DVD”. After the last cancellation we were supposed to go back over there in November, reason why we have accepted to be your guest in Rotterdam….

unfortunately again, some other new gigs have been programmed for the first week-end of December. We have cancelled a two days journey (for two gigs as well ) in Germany but you certainly know by yourself, or imagine, how long the proces is to organise a tour so far from home, even if we have a good promoter there. it's impossible for us to change the program, if we would do that, it could create to many damages with all the persons who are working for us. We are totally conscious that you are working far in advance in-order to organise your party and to avoid having this kind a problem.. Be sure that you are a priority for us and consider that we are already free for a further booking, we usually never cancel anything, we hope that you can consider the fact that it's a big tour for us and we've tried to inform you two months before.

Sincerly….Gil and Olivier @ THE YOUNGSTERS