Een release met een DVD en een CD. De CD is gevuld met de liveset die te horen was op het Nederlandse Pink Pop(mei 2004). Hij neemt je 10 jaar mee terug in de tijd en laat tracks horen als 'Protective Custody', 'Wisdom To The Wise' en 'Thunder' (van zijn 'Red' serie). Op de DVD is dezelfde liveset te zien en nemen ze je mee naar het Dour festival in Belgiƫ dat 2 maanden later geschoten is. Opvallend dat er is gekozen voor beelden van muziekfestivals en niet voor beelden van een dancefestival. Onder de extra's van de DVD kan je oa een interview met Dave vinden: Dave Clarke, who, as ever, cuts straight through the proverbial crap like a chainsaw. De "groundbreaking" live cd/dvd zal op 15 november uitgebracht worden op Skint Records.


. CD features live performances of tracks drawn from the 'Red' series,
Archive One and Devil's Advocate
. DVD features extra live footage, interview and promo videos
. New live shows announced
. Dave Clarke Live is released on 15 nov on Skint Records

Dance music has produced few artists of the stature of Dave Clarke. As a producer, his willingness to welcome the sounds and attitudes of hip hop, punk, and electro alongside techno have driven him to create two classic albums - Archive One (1996) and Devil's Advocate (2003) - and numerous acclaimed singles and remixes. As a DJ his skills have kept him constantly in demand across the globe, with his sets encompassing the most exciting sounds in electronic music. But most recently it is as a live entity that the Dave Clarke experience has been at its most thrilling; a feeling that is perfectly captured in this CD / DVD release.

Recorded at Holland's Pink Pop festival this May, the audio CD wraps up ten years of groundbreaking Dave Clarke material in a live set of real dexterity. DC classics such as 'Protective Custody', 'Wisdom To The Wise' and 'Thunder' (taken from his 'Red' series of EPs) rub up against recent hit 'What Was Her Name' and Dave's unforgettable remix of Leftfield's 'Phat Planet'. Dave mans the equipment with the same furious approach that is more traditionally applied to instruments of the six stringed variety, and the crowd responds in kind. This is live dance music at it's most thrilling, creating an elemental energy between artist and audience that even the most luddite of critics would struggle to deny.

The DVD offers a full recording of this performance, as well as
capturing another stunning live set at Belgium's Dour Festival this July. In addition, in features a host of other features, including a candid interview with Dave Clarke, who, as ever, cuts straight through the proverbial crap like achainsaw.

Oct 31st: Dome de Villebon, Paris
Nov 4th: Concorde, Brighton
Nov 5th: Redbox, Dublin, Ireland
Nov 6th: Fabric, London
Nov 10th: La Sans, Bordeaux, France
Nov 12th: Loft Club, Barcelona, Spain
Nov 13th: I Love Techno, Belgium

The running order for the audio CD is as follows:
1. Intro
2. Gonk
3. Just Ride
4. No One's Driving
5. Way Of Life
6. B.I.W.S.R.I
7. Wiggle
8. Southside
9. AB/DC 'The Feeling'
10. Thunder (Red 3)
11. Dirtbox
12. Leftfield 'Phat Planet' DC Remix
13. Wisdom To The Wise (Red 2)
14. The Compass
15. Protective Custody (Red 1)
16. The Wolf
17. Disgraceland (instrumental)
18. What Was Her Name (LFO Remix)
19. Way Of Life (Technasia Remix)
20. What Was Her Name (Product 01 Remix)
21. What Was Her Name (Rekid Remix)

The DVD includes:
• Dave's live performance at the Pink Pop Festival, Holland, May 2004
• Dave's live performance at the Dour Festival, Belgium, July 2004
• Interview with Dave
• Travelogue documenting Dave's journey to, and performance at Creamfields
• Promo videos for 'What Was Her Name' and 'Way Of Life'

Dave Clark Live will be released as a CD/DVD package by Skint Records on