space djz

There are few Dj'z and producers in the modern techno world who can truly claim to have pioneered a style and sound, and call it their own. Such statements are often declared, but rarely justified. In the case of Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire, the names behind the revered Space DJ'z, this claim would be unarguable. Ever since the pair's formation in the early 1990's, their unerring ability to fuse raucous techno with their life long love of Hip Hop, has set them aside from there peers.

In the present day, an abundance of UK techno producer's have emerged, none would deny The Space Dj'z are true innovators. During 2001, Ben and Jamie were also able to concentrate on their solo projects working with labels such as Consumer Recreation, CLR, Primate, PrimeEvil, Tortured, Advanced, Eukatech, Speilzeug, and the running of their own labelz Potential Recordingz, Ergonomix, ReRub, 50hz, Ground, Foundation and Target. Jamie also released a Bandulu album Redemption with Music Man.

2002 saw the welcome return of The Space Dj'z on BIlly Nasty's Tortured imprint with the Faces of Pain double pack, their first release together in almost two years, and a double mix Cd was released on Primal Rythms entitled "The Last Dj'z on Earth". They were back and they were better then ever. During this time, and indeed long before, The Space Dj'z have been renowned the world over for their breath taking skillz behind the deckz. Whether working as a team or individually, Ben and Jamie consistently deliver astounding performances – Dj' ing to them is an art, and with over ten yearz on the world Dj circuit, they have the knowledge and experience to rock any party right…

Space DJ'z
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