Since 1988, Mike has gained universal respect for his productions, sound designs and DJ skills. He has performed in over 25 countries & 109 different cities.

He is the first DJ Producer to get sponsored by the Arts Council of Great Britain and the National Lottery. His works are often used for educational purposes and a selection is part of the prestigious Music Performance Research Centre (MPRC) collection at the Barbican Centre, London. UK.

The publication The Rough Guide to Techno, described Mike as
“The Jimi Hendrix of the 303” and “Full on Acid Genius”.

As well as presenting new developments in electronic and computer music,
Mike has also given lectures on Sound Design and Synthesis.

Mike is the inspiration behind Electroacoustic Music being represented on a more popular level. His works with Peter Green dating from 1995 educated & inspired the likes of Richard James a.k.a. The Aphex Twin to discover the genre culminating in the signing of LP's by Robert Normandeau, Senior Lecturer in Acoustics and Electroacoustics at the Université de Montreal, Canada and experimentalist Pierre Bastien from France. This helped further establish Rephlex Records, his own imprint, as the premier UK electronic label.

Next to many releases under monikers as Kosmik Kommando, Chimera and Universal on Machine Codes and Rephlex, Mike was and is to be found on R&S Records, Diatomic, Axodya, Millennium, WMF and Analog (USA).

Mike Dred
Verenigd Koninkrijk