Novamen is Ingmar Pauli and Dj Overdose, they met in primary school and have been friends ever since. Ingmar started dj-ing in high school while Overdose was addicted to his walkman. When both of them bought some equipment they started making music together. Since then they have made four wellreceived records on underground dutch labels Bunker, Murder Capital and Viewlexx.

They did two american tours and played at local clubs and festivals. The new record is in the making and anticipation is high. They are praised in a lot of forums on the net for sounding very live doing vocoder vocals and a lot of scratching and drum part fills.

They are both working on more projects but Novamen will always be a consistent factor. Some of their productions include : Try to be (Murder capital), The hague city"(Bunker), Murder capital mentality (Murder capital).