Mixing records since 1982, Craig has been indoctrinating people with his own take on Detroit dance music, which is very much an amalgam of his radio predecessors. The introduction of scratching and rapping to non-Hip Hop genres of music, this style is
something that could only have come from Detroit. Along the way, DJ Assault was born.

Anything is game when Assault DJs, be it house, techno, jungle, R & B or whatever – as long as booties are bouncing. He has rocked parties around the world, including sets in Germany, Holland, France, Spain, UK, Japan, Australia, throughout North America and Canada. Each time it's the same: When he steps up to the decks and unleashes that high-speed booty-shake, the
audience has only one option – tear the club up.

DJ ASSAULT aka Graig Diamonds, The STREET NARRATOR, is hard at work with his new label and a place to finally call home JEFFERSON AVE. On this label, the first full length mix CD is available entitled "Sumthin' 2 Shake Yo' Azz 2". There is also a 12" release for this CD. Another 12" entitled "The Accelerated Funk E.P." is also available. Look for a lot more vinyl releases in the future containing some classic DJ ASSAULT re-mixes of
earlier recordings. Assault is also the winner of the Detroit Music Outstanding Hip Hop DJ Award for both 2001 and 2002. Now, all that can be done is to wait and watch Accelerated Funk take over the world one party at
a time.

Craig Diamonds is also the man behind a whole new set of beats – the man responsible for some of the most infectious hooks this side of the Mississippi. Producing records since 1995 Assault has been making some of
the most talked about booty-bass tracks in existence. Songs like Ass 'n Titties which was used in a April 2004 episode of the Dave Chappelle Show on Comedy Central, Shake It, Work It aired in a HP ipod commercial during the August 2004 VMA's (Video Music Awards)on MTV and has continued to play on national television every since. Yo Relatives has also turned into a genre classic as well.

In 12' news the Jefferson Ave. catalog is up to 14 releases with no plans on slowing down anytime soon. By the end of 2004 every DJ Assault track made from 1995 to 2000 will be available plus all kinds of new stuff strictly for the vinyl junkies. Also, be on the look out for a bunch of new photo's and free unreleased MP3's from the man himself and CEO of Jefferson Ave. LLC. DJ
Assault A.K.A. Craig Diamonds Currently, a spanking new album containing all new material is finished and
awaiting release within the next 3-4 months. The only features on this album are 2 female vocalist, other than that Assault and his alter ego Craig "The Diamond Man" completely hold it down. The only comment Assault had when asked about his new album was, "This will be the first time the public get a real close up of the man Craig Diamonds." The title of this new album is being kept under raps for now.

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