Shlomo is one of the world’s finest human beatboxers, which means all the sounds you are
hearing are made solely using the mouth and vocal chords, no effects, processing or layers, it's
all done in one take.
Shlomo’s remarkable ability to re-create all manner of sounds, including complex hip hop,
trance, drum n bass and garage beats, regularly wows clubbers in his home town of Leeds and
in clubs all over the UK.
Working with Icelandic superstar Björk has put him firmly on the map for international
stardom. He features on Oceania, the Grammy-nominated tune that appears on her all-vocal
album Medúlla. The tune was performed at the Olympics opening ceremony in Athens,
which was broadcast to 4.5 billion people, making Shlomo the most heard beatboxer in
history. The album also features world-respected vocalists including Rahzel, Mike Patton
and Dokaka.
Shlomo’s musical career dates back to childhood. He is a talented multi-percussionist,
competent behind the kit, timpani or even Brazilian samba drums and first cut his teeth on the
UK jazz scene as the drummer with his father’s quartet. His first drum-kit was a present for
his 8th birthday, but it was 10 years later that he realised he could transfer all his rhythmic
energy to his vocal chords.
Shlo’s first ever performance was back in 2002, at the album launch of world beatbox pioneer
Killa Kela. After playing a typically jaw-dropping set, Kela called Shlo up to the mic and
gave him his first taste of stage glory. After that there was no looking back: professional
performance was the only way for Shlomo.
His career was kick-started by winning the 2002 ‘King of the Jam’ outdoor beatbox
tournament where he met Arro, then of Miniature Heroes fame. A couple of months later and
Shlomo had moved to Leeds where he started getting on the mic with the crew, playing all
over the North and starting to get a reputation.
It was then that Shlo met Orifice Vulgatron, founder of Dented Records and front man of
multi-national award-winning hip-hop act Foreign Beggars. They met at a cipher outside a
jungle rave in Leeds, where a fresh-faced-but-mildly-inebriated Shlomo was blasting out full
speed drum ‘n’ bass from his mouth. A month later Shlomo performed with the Foreign
Beggars at Kung Fu in London and was made a full time crew member that night.
After an appearance on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, where Shlomo gave Jo Whiley a 2
minute crash course in beatboxing, he was invited back to perform a full showcase of his
skills, alongside Nitin Sawnhey and DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill. Now starting to gain some
national status as a performer he began to start touring heavily playing 2 or 3 shows a week
up and down the country.
In 2003 Foreign Beggars’ debut album Asylum Speakers, which features UK heavyweight
rappers Skinnyman, Taskforce, Kashmere and Tommy Evans, won cult status among the
UK Hip Hop faithful. The strength of the album, combined with the unrivalled energy of their
live show, has won the crew multiple awards including ‘Best Group’, ‘Best Newcomers’ and
‘Best Single’ at the UK Hip Hop awards. They have released four 12” singles alongside the
album, and their latest offering, the Crypt Drawl EP, led to a massive 27-date UK tour. The
Beggars are now keeping busy with a summer of European festival dates along with recording
the new album (due out early 2006).
In the last 2 years Shlomo has shot to fame having supported hip-hop heroes such as
Grandmaster Flash, Wu Tang’s The Gza, Guru of Gangstarr and Public Enemy, and
shared the stage with a whole host of UK hip hop stars including Ty, Skinnyman and
Rodney P. He has even made a cameo beatbox appearance on Eastenders!
Determined not to be just a straight up performer, Shlo is an active member of the world’s
beatbox scene. He was a key player in setting up the UK’s first ever beatbox-specific artist
agency, and is also a board member of
heading up their events team. After the success of the first World Beatbox Convention back
in 2003, where Shlomo was a featured artist, he became a founder member of the World
Beatbox Federeration (WBBF), which is a global body working for the greater good of the
beatboxing community worldwide.
With the promise of a beatbox recording and yet more touring, things are looking good for the
young mouth musician so watch this space!
Press Quotes
‘He’s unsigned and overly talented’ – OneWorld, BBC Radio 1
‘The new bright hope of the hiphop scene’ – Björk on XFM
‘The most impressive set of the day …left them goggled-eyed and gaping mouthed!’ - iDJ
‘A legend in the making’ –
‘Shlomo has good reason to be smiling right now’ - Undercover Magazine
‘I was truly blown away by that performance’ – Invincible Magazine
‘…an amazing combination of beats and scratching’ – The Leeds Guide
‘pushing beatboxing to the forefront of today’s musical spectrum’ –
‘…from double mic tranceboxing to The Prodigy, …Shlomo did it all’ – Human Beatbox
‘…stole the show’ – on the Urban Music Awards 2003
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