October, 1994: Ana and David get married at the legendary Hell’s Club, a mecca of the Brazilian underground.

October, 2004: Ana and David, known as PET DUO, travel for their eighth European tour, to play the world’s leading techno event, I Love Techno, in Belgium.

A lot has happened in these ten years. From small underground clubs in Sâo Paulo, the Pets – as they are commonly referred to by their fans – now play in big festivals and clubs around the world. But one thing hasn’t changed: their love for techno, and their dedication to the genre, which has made them one of Brazilian techno’s leading names.

In the last year, PET DUO has played many important festivals, such as Awakenings (Netherlands), Nature One (Germany), Mayday (Hungary), and important clubs, such as U60311 (Frankfurt), Tor 3 (Dusseldorf), Universal Dog(Lahr) and M47(Hungary) with techno heavyweights such as DJ Rush, Dave Clarke, Marco Remus, Umek, Adam Beyer, Speedy J, The Advent, and many others.

The PETs were featured in the cover of Raveline, one of Germany’s leading techno magazines, and released records on labels such as Knedeep, KiddazFM and Killaz. Releases on Artillery, Nerven and Tool Terror are on the way.

No other Brazilian techno artist has played as much in Europe as PET DUO. Today, the couple share their time between Berlin and Sâo Paulo, on a busy touring schedule. Their explosive four-deck sets have gained quite a reputation amongst techno enthusiasts.

To make a long story short: the future looks bright for PET DUO. And for Brazilian techno in general.

Pet Duo