German techno-DJ and producer HardtraX aka Rudi Holzgreve was born in West Germany in 1981. He discovered his love for electronic underground music at the age of eleven before he made his first experiencies in producing techno music in 1997. At that time, he was using Amiga computers to produce various tracks in different styles of music from techno, over deep house, acid, tech-house, trance, ambient, jungle and hardcore. Then, after a two-years-break he focussed on producing hard underground techno tunes and occasionally composing hardcore tracks. In 2001 he met Jackhamma and in 2002 they started producing together and have been performing live on several locations in Germany as “HardtraX vs. Jackhamma”. After having released some tracks and remixes on different labels (Plug'n'Play Rec., Distorted Rec., Tekk-Tribe), HardtraX teamed up with Jackhamma to found their label “Dark Force Recordings” in 2003 as a platform for their numerous hard, dark and straight-forward techno-tracks. Their first record on Dark Force Recordings named ”Evil Frequencies” reflect their hard-hitting, yet atmospheric, twisted and kicking technostyle. Future releases will also be used to promote other artists and new talents in order to show the complexity and diversity of their preferred styles of techno.