Music has always been a part of Jav's life growing up. He listened to Spanish, Pop, Hip Hop and collected records and tapes. In his teens he started going to clubs and raves where he found Freestyle, House and then Techno. After witnessing a live PA by Justin Berkovi, Jav was inspired to produce his own style which consisted mostly of experimental tracks with Reason. Jav then got his first set of decks. He was looking for techno that was aggressive but couldn't find it. Until a year ago, a harder sound of Techno came out of no where and that changed the course of his life.

After failed attempts of giving local promoters and DJs demos, he decided to turn a negative into a positive. In 2004, Hard Noize emerged. The concept behind Hard Noize was to give NY what it was missing Schranz euro-style.. and he succeeded. The first party had a wicked line-up with the hardest, sickest international talent there is….DJ Amok, Frank Kvitta and Patrick DSP. Schranz finally hit NYC with a vengeance. Jav was now known as a pioneer of this genre in the US. With the introduction of Hard Techno and Hard Noize in NY, Jav launched Matame, a booking, promotions, events, management company, whose mission is to push Hard Techno & introduce new, young, talented DJs & producers from around the world. Without hesitation, he planned a 2nd event….Hard Noize 2 which was going to be more massive than the first and indeed it was. Bringing back DJ Amok, Frank Kvitta, Patrick DSP, and introducing OBI aka Tobias Luke and DJ Pauze & more.

Future projects include continuing to push this sound by throwing more parties, DJing, working hard on his own productions, running Matame & creating a label and staying on the forefront of hard techno.

Verenigde Staten