Jackhamma aka James Ritchie was born on 26th of december in 1979 in Münster, Germany. He already had a preference to electronic music as early as the end of the eighties. It was at the age of ten when he discoverd his love for this music. At the beginning he was listening to a wide choice of different styles. In 1996 he visited the legendary “Cosmic Club” in Münster (today known as “Fusion Club”) for the first time. Since then he went to different clubs in Germany and England. In the meantime he and a few mates started a dj-project in school in which they had the opportunity to practise in mixing records. In early 2000 he focused on visiting the “Fusion Club” in Münster where he met Heiko Peisker formerly known as Junior Pushix. Inspired by the hard underground-techno he played James finally bought his own turntables and mixer in 2001. Nearly at the same time he met HardtraX and they started producing together. Furthermore they have performend in several locations in Germany as a live-act called “HardtraX vs. Jackhamma”. At the end of 2003 they decided to start with their own label “Dark Force Recordings”. Its first record “Evil Frequencies” (DFR001) was released in december 2003 and reflects what the label is standing for: hard-banging, uncompromising, mind-blasting underground-techno.