Daniel Darque was born in IJsselstein, a town near Utrecht. He grew up with music because of his musicloving parents. Daniel did hardly listen to commercial music as played on the radio. Instead of that, he made mixtapes like he was a dj already. He mixed records with a tapedeck and recorded it for friends. The first records he bought were Off the wall and Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Daniel Darque started producing about 8 years ago. Inspired by soul- and poplegends, Daniel began to develop his own producingstyle: a mixture of laidback sounds combined with funky beats and basslines, mostly house orientated.

Nowadays, Daniel spins at the larger clubs and releases records.

The new latinhouse track T´Adoro is a co-production with DJ Jeroenski and contains vocals by Tyrah Morena. The record will be in stores soon.

Daniel spinned his fresh and natural house sounds in clubs and radiostations like Extrema's Mezzo, Club Zyon, Favoriet FM, Club Oorgasm and BNN on Radio 3FM.

Daniel Darque