I started producing music in 1997 with the age of 13 years. It was really hard because no one gave me tips how i can get better in producing. 6 years later in the end of 2003 I got my first release on Annihilated Productions, a sub label of Exotoxic Records.

In the beginning of 2004 I got my next release at Crowbar recordings … and now I'm often producing tracks or make live acts with my friend Marwin aka Waldhaus. I have my own sound and this sound is really hard not as hardcore but it's hard, very hard … I don't make the same sound like many other producers, I try to give you a feeling about a new direction, about straight sound … hope you like it ..

Played with: Frank Kvitta, Viper XXL , DJ AMOK Mhonolog, Bazz-Dee, KAOZ, Waldhaus, Plan-E Loopjunkey, DJ Lizard, Pasquale Schwarzz and many more…



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