Her name sounds peculiar in that very same level in which her sessions and her way of perceiving the world of music become her activities´ reason of being. Maral Salmassi started as a dj in Cologne in 1994 and she has not stopped since then. Two years later, she decided to become more involved in the entrails of music. She then got in touch with artists and labels that could provide her with varied kinds of electronic music, therefore widening her views and perspective. In 1997, turning acquired knowledge into intention, she created Konsequent Records, besides becoming a part of the foundation of Formic Distributions. She has been working hard in these two facets, propelling her love for techno and its byproducts. Not still fully satisfied with what she had conquered, she founded her Art Of Perception label in 1999. It is here that artists such as Johannes Heil, Kim Cascone, Christian Morgenstern or Andrew Weatherall have recorded. But it is inside the dj booth where Maral Salmassi displays her true knowledge. Proofs of it are sessions such as “Nu Forms Of Techno”(1999), “Diabolus In Musiker”(1999), “It’s Not Just About Skiing”(2001), recorded for the Zoomshot, Konsequent Records and Forte Records imprints respectively. It is true: her name sounds peculiar but she does her best to reinforce the argument. .

Maral Salmassi