Simon was given the name ‘Bassline’ after destroying the majority of the speakers at the parties at which he played. As the underground rave scene progressed in the early 1990’s Simon Bassline Smith was at the forefront, playing for some of the biggest dance organizations in the country such as: Perceptio, Methology, Rain Dance, Dance ’91 and World Dance. Along side such house hold names like Grooverider, Fabio, Mickey Finn and Jumping’ Jack Frost. Simon was spearheading the new musical form (Jungle) now known as Drum & Bass.

Simon quickly set up his own label, called Absolute 2, which at the time, was one of the only Drum & Bass labels in the world. With the success of Absolute 2 under his belt Simon began his career as a producer. He was an instant success with anthems such as: Music and Life, Palomino and Midnight that can still be heard in sets across the globe today. His musical style was, to say the least, ahead of its time. Over the years Simon has released tunes on numerous compilations as well as on such reputable labels as DeeJay Recordings, Absolute Zero, DeeJay’s Delight, Death Becomes Me and of course his own label Absolute 2.

Over the 4 years Simon Bassline Smith and partner Andy Drumsound have released 15 tunes on their own label, including the massive ‘ X Project ‘ Pt 1, 2 & 3, the epic ‘I Need Your Love’. This year alone his form has been phenomenal with big hits ‘Roll the Night/Eight Ball (which played to death by Grooverider on his Radio show). These tunes have gained cult underground status on the underground Drum & Bass scene worldwide.

Simon Bassline Smith & Drumsound have also had releases through Mickey Finn’s Urban Takeover, DJ SS’s Formation and L.Double’s Flex and Bryan G’s formidable Chronic label to name but a few. Hot news is that Simon Bassline Smith and Drumsound have signed a single to the mighty Renegade Hardware that is set to drop later this year and have just put the finishing touches to a single for Bryan G and his imprint, V Recordings. Currently Simon Bassline Smith alongside his partner Drumsound is set for their first LP entitled ‘ The Planets’ which includes ‘Original Bad Boy’ which has been smashed by Hype, Grooverider, SS, Roni Size, Goldie and Digital.

Simon Bassline Smith
Verenigd Koninkrijk