audio angel

Suzanne’s interest in electronic music first began around 1995 which a few years later prompted her to make the move from spectator to DJ. She began DJing November of 2000 and had her first gig at “Sweet Sugar Sunday's” in Saskatoon June 2001, and has never looked back. Constructing her own sound from the building blocks of tech-house and techno, Suzanne’s passion and ability to put tracks together has earned her a reputation to always deliver “that feeling”. Track selection and reaction with the crowd are the mainstays of a live Audio Angel performance and are truly beyond description. She has also been known to experiment with down tempo, minimal and house.

As time advanced, Suzanne’s skill gracefully progressed. In no time, her skill has brought her to the following cities: Regina SK, Saskatoon SK, Calgary AB, Fargo ND, and Minneapolis MN. She has opened for “Geezer” Guy Mcaffer (UK); Short Fat Steve and Hard Toe (Regina, SK); Miss Innocent (Vancouver, BC); Roman (Seattle, WA); Dj Mea (Los Angeles, CA); Deko-ze (Toronto, ON); Jelo (Toronto, ON); just to name a few. In Winnipeg, Suzanne has had residencies at Blue Agave, Vertigo and The Pyramid Cabaret as well as her own club night called “Manage et Tois.” With the latter accenting the exposure of local DJs and Live Pa’s in an atmosphere with no musical boundaries. Today, you will find Suzanne managing and residing at one of Winnipeg most prestigious clubs, The Empire Cabaret, along side Dj Oxide (sHIFT Radio, Jackhouse). “O2 in the Basement” takes place every Friday and Saturday, bringing you the best house and tech-house has to offer.

Alter Ego Radio is the brain child and result of Suzanne’s persistence to further the electronic music scene. Alongside her co-host Disco Kitty (Symptom Technology), it is her primary duty to consistently provide the listeners with an immeasurable amount of breakthrough sounds that are seldom heard and that are difficult to obtain locally. The soul purpose of Alter Ego Radio is to explore all musical area's ‘outside the box' with delectable conversations, and addable information. The focus of Alter Ego is on live performances by Audio Angel and her co-host Disco Kitty, other local DJs, and exposure of selected artists from all over the world. In addition, they provide up to date information on musical events (locally and internationally), art shows, festivals, hot shopping spots (clothing, music, gear), etc. Alter Ego Radio can be heard on 101.5 UMFM or on the web ( at 3 pm CST every Saturday.

Suzanne, being a major contributor in the electronic movement in her home town, she now brings you a new project; ‘Plain Audio.’ Stay tuned.

Being fully aware of the fact that females are indeed the minority within the electronic music scene, Suzanne aims to solidify her place based on the merits of her abilities rather than the novelty of being a minority. With that said she is always willing to help further the influx of female talent.