About his first projects : “I was on a pirate radio station called Phase 1 – I was playing acid house every Sunday morning, like, 8 'til 10 in the morning. That was kind of weird. The guy who owned the station opened a club after-hours and booked me and Fabio, cause we were both on the station. The night called Shoom on a Wednesday at Busby’s in Bermondsey – Danny Rampling’s thing –we used to start when they finished at 3 in the morning and go on 'til the next day. It did really well. Radio 1 was happy and we moved our time forward an hour. We were on Kiss before that and when Radio 1 called us in we ran at it. We didn’t know what it was going to be like but we had to take the chance. Kiss was changing into a commercial station and Radio 1 was going the other way. I think it was the right time to jump ship.”

About producing : “I didn’t start producing until the later stage of jungle. My production isn’t as important as my DJing. I don’t do that much, only on my own label Prototype Recordings. I don’t release loads of records, I like to release quality records. I don’t do tunes for other labels, I’m signed to Higher Ground/Sony, which is where I do my main projects. They don’t tell me what to do, I do things in my own time. I set up Prototype about 9 years ago. I was just getting into studio work, learning how to write music and produce, organize and arrange it. I wanted to put a few things out but didn’t want anyone to know it was me, you know. I still don’t. I did it to get a few tunes out and it seemed to work so I’ve just continued with it. I’m working with about 5 people; Bad Company, Dillinja, Optical, Matrix, Lemon D.”

About dj-ing: “I’ll always be a DJ first. I was kind of experienced with playing to crowds, but as for doing it with 2 decks and a mixer…I learnt that through playing in clubs. I learnt how to DJ through DJing, basically! With me and Fabio it wasn’t like we learned how to play in our bedrooms, staring at 4 walls. I just love playing music. Now, I don’t care what anybody else thinks, it’s about whether it sounds good to me. I couldn’t care less about what other people think. You can’t please everybody but I’m fortunate that people like what I play. We’re just following our course because that’s what we do – good press, bad press we just carry on.”

About his Fabric-residency : “I’m resident at FABRICLIVE and Fabric is probably my favorite club in the UK right now. That’s for real. I was kind of honored when they asked me, it seemed like a good project to be involved with. You know, specially built speakers, speakers in the ground and that. It’s way ahead, a proper dance club.”

Verenigd Koninkrijk