In the early nineties Lexicon gradually got hooked on techno music as a result of many, many visits to underground techno parties in Holland and Germany. His growing interest for dance music forced him to start buying the precious vinyl! Soon he started experimenting with two decks and a mixer and gradually developed his very own style.
In the beginning he was mostly interested in hard stomping acid music. Gradually his interest in techno shifted and he started buying and spinning the more deep and funky driving techno. He also started collecting the most appealing electro and break beat releases, and if possible he combines all of these styles in his sets.
After moving to techno-city Rotterdam with the idea of expanding his boundaries he soon got a job at one of the biggest underground distributors of dance; Triple Vision. Nowadays he is a regular guest at the hottest techno- and electro parties.
This year he teamed up with mastermind David Moher and started collaborating in what he loves most; driving techno tunes with warm and funky stabs.

David Moher

Many years ago David Moher dedicated his life to producing all kinds of music. Nowadays he studies for his degree as a studio engineer. He was already part of numerous projects and many styles of music….Looking for the best way to put his knowledge into use and at the same time express his emotions, he experimented with various styles under various aliases and was even responsible for a couple of more commercial hits back in the days.
After exploring a diversity of styles David Moher discovered his interest in producing techno-music just two years ago. Due to a share in interest David decided to team up with DJ Lexicon and they started working on creating their own sound and vibe. When labels like Patterns and Highland Beats checked out their demo's and started showing interest, David Moher and Lexicon formed the duo Metroline with their first release soon to follow.His enginering skills are growing with every release, so beware of the Metroline releases and remixes coming up!