Captain Comatose are Khan and Snax. Both are not green to the electronic music world. You do the research!

In 1996, the two met in Berlin when Snax was Djing at a 3000 fashion show Khan remembers, "I started talking to this weird guy who carried his records in a paper bag. Trouble was he didn't understand German. But we realised that we're actually neighbors in New York City. A great friendship and creative collaboration followed with many international releases and tours.

In 2000, the two started recording the first Captain Comatose record for Playhouse (Germany). "I dreamt, we were recording and I was singing "Comatose Captain" Snax says. "I didn't question it and we had a band name." Their first two 12inches became instant club hits. Many DJ's, including Luke Solomon, Trevor Jackson, Andrew Weatherall, and of course the Playhouse Clan, rated them high in theire DJ charts and become huge fans.

In the spring of 2002, Snax and Khan relocated to Berlin. There they put together a live show and word started to spread about their decadent performances. "We're definitely a disco band in the true sense" says Khan. Remixes for Gus Gus, Electronicat, Hanin Elias, Cold Cut and Julee Cruise followed. Next up is Captain Comatose's first full length album for Playhouse, out May 2003. Entitled "Going Out" it contains tracks off the first two 12 inches as well as exciting new material. Heavy touring follows come summer time.

Captain Comatose
Verenigde Staten