Håkan Lidbo

Håkan Lidbo is without doubt one of the more prolific and diverse producers the electronic music scene has ever witnessed, having released more than 100 records in a career spanning just under fifteen years.

From early experiments in the studio and original homemade releases through to becoming one of the most creative and sought after producers the worlds of Techno, Electro and House have ever seen, he has notched up varied releases across a wide spectrum of the globes labels, including the likes of Feis, Chalant, Force Tracks, Frogman, Pokerflat, Plastic City, Lasergun and countless more.

One explanation for this spread is the sheer breadth of music his range encompasses, composing everything from Latin Techno through Electro, Synth-pop, Soul, Disco, Click-House and Minimal Dub, imbibing everything with a unique quirkiness and twisted production style.

He is also renowned for his live sets, and has spent a great deal of the last year touring the worlds clubs showcasing his eclectic sound.

Håkan Lidbo