Sami Koivikko

Producer, DJ. Born July 3, 1978, in Oulainen, Finland. Living, studying and working in Tampere since 2001. Best known for his releases on Shitkatapult and Festplatten. A tech-house producer with high originality level. His tracks consist of solid 4/4 beats, finely textured percussion with dubby chording and warm analog basslines.

Musical interest started on primary school where he played clarinet & oboe. After meddling with classical music for a couple of years, Sami started playing with synths in a band as well as bass guitar. Soon after, he bought his own synths & softwares and started making music. After graduating high school he moved to Oulu, the house capital of Finland, and started studies in Department of Information Science at University of Oulu.

In August 2001, Shitkatapult released his debut EP Kut Pulatin Pt. 1 to be followed with two in series, Pt. 2 in January 2002 and Pt. 3 in April 2002. These four-tracker EPs have been highly acclaimed for their potential for the dancefloor thanks to distinct sounds, punch beats, solid percussion and catchy rhythms, and all tied up with those all essential Dub-House stylings. In October 2002, Festplatten released a floor-grooving tech-house EP Satamakatu delivering four tracks of funkiness and harmonies.

Sami has also remixed such artists as T. Raumschmiere and Turner. In November 2003 Shitkatapult is releasing his debut album Salmiakki. Long-waited album will cover exclusive works from late 2002 to early 2003.