le petit orb

Le Petit Orb (Live - Alex Paterson + Thomas Felhmann)
The Orb are world renowned for their status as godfathers of the new wave of electronic music post 1988. The project of Alex Paterson, the Orb were formed in '88 by Paterson with Jimmy Cauty (KLF) as the co-pilot. Early releases such as 'Tripping On Sunshine' and 'A Huge Ever-growing Pulsating Brain Which Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld' established the Orb as pioneers of the emerging ambient / rave scene. The Orb have toured on massive scale since '93, with spectacular shows at the likes of Glastonbury and festivals and stadiums worldwide. Following the release of 'Orblivion' in '97, Paterson established Le Petit Orb to play live in smaller club venues. Since 2000, The Orb have released further excursions with 'Auntie Aubrey…', the Albums 'Cydonia' and 'Bicycles + Tricycles, as well as launching the Badorb project / label. In 2003, the Orb released their first single on Kompakt Records the 'Kompassion EP', in 2004 the 'Komplott EP' was released, and last month the 'Komfort EP' was served to us as a taster of what's to come on their soon to be released new album.

Le Petit Orb
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