Spacid, dj and party-event coördinator, based in Ghent, Belgium. In his first year of elementary school he became the owner of a portable turntable and started playing his vinyl during schools lunch breaks. At twelve he toured local festivities and weddings with a self-constructed discobar. He listened to different kinds of music, from Jean-Michel Jarre, KRS One to Front 242, from classical to new beat. Some of these still influence his style; classical music for example remains vital in the way he builds up his mix.
In 1991 he was invited to play in one of the first housecafés, "Le Café" in Kortrijk, his place of birth. On a weekly basis he played deep, garage and acid house.

It was not until 1992 that he organized his first house party in Waregem with a friend. 2,400 party people showed up. Because he needed the money, a couple of months later he joined the management team of a commercial hard trance club. A lot of things changed after crossing the path of BWP [bad woofers posse].

Spacid, sick of the stagnating music and the commercial business in the dance scene, turned to underground, playing experimental acid and early techno.

1994 meant the beginning of Funky Green Aliens, a party organization and booking agency that is mainly concerned with promoting experimental music and introducing international artists to the Belgian scene. Funky Green Aliens started out with smaller events with an illegal buzz. These parties soon belonged to the most innovating in Belgium and contributed to Spacid's success.

In 1997 things started to speed up even more for Spacid as he was asked to play at some of the biggest clubs and raves in Belgium and abroad (Dance valley, Ten days off, Kozzmozz, …).

But he still keeps the smaller venues in mind, one of his major believes is pushing things forward musicwise, he likes to try out new and obscure sounds, so no place better than small & strange unique locations.

Spacid's search for renewal and progress is a
real addiction. From this point of view he already started to play nu-skool electro in 1997. Again his first electro-sets were played in a little bar in Kortrijk. When the scene became bigger, he got invited to play at the most progressive electro-events.

In 2000 he started to work for the Music Man record shop in Ghent, where he is running the experimental department and infected many with the electro and italo virus.

In 2003 he takes things even further: Besides he's still organising FGA parties & bolwerk visual events, he's also a driving force behind the multimedia-centre 'de expeditie' and participates in it's sound-department ''.