Ellen Allien
She has been scheduled for Body To Body before, but had to cancel. Now is the time to make up! Ellen Allien is the highly respected founder and owner of Berlin-based B PitchControl. She released her first and successful album 'Stadtkind' in 2001. Her second album 'Berlinette' appeared in 2003. It demonstrates Ellen Allien's mastery of subtle twitch and unconventional nuance. Watch out for her upcoming album 'Astral', to be released in April!

Assault (USA)
DJ Assault aka Craig Diamonds has had a large hand in bringing ghetto-tech, from the urban streets of Detroit to the suburban club circuit. The incorporation of electro beats with hardcore, sometimes pornographic lyrics, is what makes ghetto-tech highly distinguishable from its other techno cousins.
Anything is game when Assault DJs, be it house, techno, jungle, R & B or whatever – as long as booties are bouncing.

Dan started showing his interest in music in the early 90’s.
Slowly but surely, he began to develop his own musical creativity and he eventually released his first track in September 2003 under his project “Da Intruders” on the Dutch label Meuse Muzique.
From Pure Electrofunk to Electronic techno, his sets are always energetic and melodic.
In 2003 DAN made some appearances @ Kozzmozz, Fe-male, Fuse, Soundstation, La Chapelle, and many more. It will be his second appearance at Body To Body.

Geronimo (World Invaders)
Info coming soon

Spacid (Radius Rec., FGA)
DJ, party-event coordinator and co-founder of Funky Green Aliens, a party organization and booking agency that is mainly concerned with promoting experimental music and introducing international artists to the Belgian scene. Funky Green Aliens started out with smaller events with an illegal buzz. These parties soon belonged to the most innovating in Belgium and contributed to Spacid’s success.

Dr. Lektroluv
Famous (or maybe infamous?) in the electro scene and resident at Body To Body. Check out the mysterious man with the green mask!

Inspired by his father who DJ'ed in Brussels' sex clubs, dAryl started DJing at a very young age.
Since 2003 he is the owner of the Aerobic Audio label and co-founder of the association "Muzike.be", that helps Belgian labels to produce and find a proper distribution.
He plays a funny and depressed kind of electro music.

Steffi(Klakson Rec., NL)
As a DJ, label boss, and club night promoter, Steffi obtained a firm footing in the Dutch electro scene since her emergence onto the scene in 1995.
She started her own electro clubnight called “Elechicks”. The concept caught on well in Club Mazzo, Melkweg, Paradiso, Doornroosje, Effenaar and 013.
Her style goes from experimental electronics breaks to funky, pumping, uptempo electro and disco!


Rue Blaesstraat 208
Brussel, Belgiƫ