In 1998 we started playing records at a friend.
He already had his own turntables for a while and we started to get interested the moment we played our first records. It sounded like shit, but that didn’t matter. At that time Nils had enough money to buy himself his first mixer and turntables. It was a reloop set and we were more than happy with it at that time. That friend of ours played hardcore, that was a real hype at that time so we also started buying hardcore records. We both have a good feeling for the rhythm of music, and that’s what you need for learning how to mix records. We learned it quite fast, and when it’s going the way you want it to, it’s even a bigger rush. Together with some friends we often went to many different record stores all over the country, so logically we spended most of our money on it.

After a year and a half the equipment we had bought didn’t meet to our standards any more. So with financial support of our parents we bought two Technics SL 1210 MK2 and a Dateq XTC mixer. This was IT for us! We started to play the turntables more and more because of this, and we started to get really good at it. Now we knew that we wanted to go through with this and maybe become two famous dj’s one day.

We both went to a lot of house parties; in the beginning only hardcore parties, but after a while we wanted something else. So we started visiting parties like: Trance energy, Impulz and Shockers. At these parties we got acquainted with other sorts of music like; trance, hardhouse and techno. The music that we liked the most was by far “TECHNO”. We both were really enthusiastic about it and we liked it even more than the music we played our selves at that time.
So we started buying techno records from then on. In the beginning we were still buying hardcore records as well, but after a while we made the definite change to techno. We started of buying a lot of records every month, because we had to make a fresh start with it.

At one day we met someone who organised techno and hardstyle parties by the name of
2-dance in IJsselstein near Utrecht. We gave him a demo with something we mixed and he wanted to give us a chance. So he booked us for his next party. This was in January 2002.
It was a successful party also because of our performance.
Because they were still in their first stage organizing parties, they were still looking for a resident to play at their parties.

They asked us to be it and we were flattered by their proposal. Of course we agreed to their proposal, and ever since that time we played at every 2-dance party.

We always listened to a lot of cd’s, and other live performances. And we often wandered what kind of weird sound effects we heard, until we got to now the pioneer djm 600 mixer. We were amazed when we had a demonstration with it at our favourite record store. That’s when we new what would be our next purchase.
At approximately March 2002 we bought ourselves the mixer. It took some time to get to know all the possibilities of the mixer, but it really was worth the effort.

The year 2003 has been a very busy year for us. Not only did we launch our first website, but since January we were actively searching for more dj gigs. We also bought our first studio equipment and our third Technics turntable as well as a new effect module which we use during our sets. Nowadays we are very busy expanding our studio and really getting acquainted with our studio equipment. We hope to have our first record out somewhere in 2005.