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Shiva Shazad is 24 years old and was born in Teheran, Iran. She moved to the Netherlands with her parents and sister during the revolution in 1980. Because of the influence of her father who plays the violin, she developed a passion for music as a child. She has been exposed to the dance scene past few years and got impressed by the power of electronic music. To fulfil her growing passion she started to perform as a DJ in the summer of 2000 and created her own musical style. In August 2001 she moved to Amsterdam to pursue her interest in music. She held a residency at Nightlife in Maastricht in 2000 and 2001 and she also played at Chemistry in Amsterdam in July 2001 together with 100%ISIS and Mr.C. In September 2001 she started to work as the booker at the new Booking office of 100%ISIS called Magma. Further more she has performed throughout the Netherlands at clubs like: Mazzo - Patronaat - Stalker - Mezzo Eindhoven - Catchclub (resident) - Manga-party at castle Hoensbroek - Getaway July - ZappClub Simplon - ADE @ More 2002 - Fullmoon Party Ruigoord October - Eurosonic / Noorderslag 2003. Also International Shiva grows in experience everyday: She already did 3 international tours to Ankara and Istanbul (Turkey) together with dj 100%ISIS in 2002 - Amman (Jordania) - Silo Leuven (Belgium) - Bulgarian Tour Club Escape (Sofia) - Dramatic Theatre (Plovdiv). Currently Shiva is working on her producers skills together with Dutch producer John Consemulder (soma, x-trax, native, warner, end to end). Her love for music goes beyond one particular style and she plays any kind of music that touches her feeling from deep house, break-beat to techno