The Hacker (F - Goodlife)
Alden Tyrell (live) (NL)
Spacid (B - Funky Green Aliens)
Dr. Lektroluv (B)
Celtric (B - Funky Green Aliens)
Rob 'n' Zoopsie (B)
Tinez (B - dOZER)
Diepvries (B)

The Hacker (F, Goodlife)
In 1997, The Hacker and Miss Kittin started their hot n' horny electro-disco. At Body To Body you can experience some of his electro-pop with humour.

Alden Tyrell (NL)
Alden Tyrell has planned several live festival shows with I-f this year, but we managed to trap him into an exclusive gig @ Body To Body. His dirty disco-electro sounds will surely make you move your feet!

Celtric (B, Funky Green Aliens)
He already played on the most progressive, some already legendary, electro-parties nationwide. With his distinguished electro sets, Celtric knows how to twist you around his little finger.

Diepvries (B)
Expect a strong italo-disco flavoured mix of old-school b-boy electro-funk, new wave and a splash of humour.

Rob n Zoopsie
Zoopsie mixes pop with dance, while Rob is more experimental and agressive in his style. The mixture of both styles will make you work your brain and shake your booty.

Spacid (Funky Green Aliens)
His great performance at the first Body To Body edition called for a sequel Spacid knows how to mix all sorts of varieties and adapts to different atmospheres.

Tinez (B, dOZER)
A mixture of Italo Disco, experimental Dutch electro and eighties electro pop, thats what its all about for Tinez.

Dr. Lektroluv (B)
Do we still need to introduce him?! Of course not! Just let the Doctor cure you with his music!


Culture Club
Afrikalaan 174 - 9000
Gent, België