DJ Rydel

In 1994 DJ Rydel started out in playing exclusively Hardcore but by 1996 he began experimenting with other styles of electronic dance music. Branching out his style to house and trance provided him with more possibilities to play at various clubs and parties in his hometown of Amsterdam and beyond. After several residencies in clubs and numerous bookings by organizations he started hosting his own parties in 2000 named Xplizit featuring mostly hardhouse and trance.

When in 2001 a new and harder sound of hardhouse called hardstyle became popular in the Dutch music scene the demand for it at Xplizit grew quickly. By 2002 Xplizit was becoming an almost exclusive hardstyle event. Every Saturday the doors opened for a maximum crowd of 600 party people per night. Rydel plays or mixes his hardstyle, hardhouse and classic sets there whenever he has the chance.

But in the meanwhile his musical taste shifted more and more towards techno. Inspired by techno masters Ben Sims and Umek, Rydel started practicing and perfecting his 3 deck-mixing skills. In August 2002 the first Xplizit techno-night, called TechniX, takes place. His love for techno also led to his first International booking at Oostende (Belgium) in October of 2002. After that event Rydel was invited by K4 in Ljubljana, Slovenia to play the first hardhouse set ever in their club. The party being a great success Rydel got offered a residency and returned in November playing both a hardhouse and techno night at the K4 in Slovenia. Back in Holland Rydel teams up with his fellow-DJ and friend: Ronner. After playing several parties together as a team, they deside to expand their borders and practise playing their sets on a 5deck/2mixer set-up, with both playing at the same time. At the first party they performed on with this set-up, both crowd and organizers are pleased with the result and they are asked back to the same location various times. As the year progresses they find their agenda’s filling up with various bookings, both together as separate.
In the final months of 2003 Rydel returns to Slovenia to play on a local festival called Bruc 2003 with a massive 11.000 visitors. The week after he plays another party featuring the famous belgian producer-duo: the Filterheadz. Other gigs soon follow and a booking on New Years Eve in Croatia promises the start of 2004 to be his most international year yet, with confirmed bookings in Norway, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy and the release of his first vinyl in the spring of 2004.

Residency List:
Resident at Starlight(Amsterdam) from 1998 till 2000 (Club-House, Trance and Hardhouse)
Resident at Trance Buddha(Amsterdam) from 1998 till 1999 (Trance)
Resident at Club Zoo(Amsterdam) from 1999 till 2001 (Club-House and Trance)
Resident at TIME(Amsterdam) from 1999 till 2001(Trance, Hardhouse and Techno)
Resident at Cockring(Amsterdam) from 1999 till 2001 (Club-House and Trance)
Resident at Xplizit(IJmuiden) from 2000 (Hardhouse and Techno)
Resident at K4(Ljubljana,Slovenia) from 2002 (Hardhouse and Techno)