Rémon was born on January 28, 1971 and has been spinning for more than 10 years now. At early age, Rémon developed a fascination for music. He began buying records when he was 10 and he started, very influenced by disco & funk at that time, his own Drive-in-Show. He combined school and later his skill as hairdresser with DJ-ing in the weekends, at schools, weddings and birthday parties and later in clubs.

After experiencing electronic music, his musical preference changed to electronic (house) music, preferably Funky Tech-house. His style is best to be described as a DJ who plays (funky) house and Tech-house in a seamless way, always with the dance floor in mind, which contributes much to his success.

In 1991 Rémon Lacroix started DJ-ing professionally. After spinning for 4 years, he was invited to rock the dance floor of the Nighttown; he was picked up by the public and started deejaying monthly on Saturdays. Soon after he became Resident of the well-known Gay Surprise parties also in Nighttown.

In 1996, Lacroix played for the first time on the MTC party in the hall building in Rotterdam, where he really rocked the place. Ted Langenbach (founder of the famous MTC parties) decided to make him official resident; in 2001 he still is! Lacroix started his weekly residence on Sundays at the Bimbo Complex at the Maastheater in 1998. For two years in a row he is playing weekly on the crowded club night and the two monthly Superbimbo parties.

Since 1999, Lacroix has been really involved in the new club Now & Wow. Rémon has his own club-night on Saturdays; he performs almost every week together with big names from the country and outside, like Monica Kruse, Doc Martin, Derrick Carter, Stacey Pullen, Steven Caceilo, Sneak, Roger Sanchez, John Aquaviva, Josh Wink, Smokin Jo, Jack de Marseille and many more…
Now & Wow is the most popular club in Holland.
December 2000 is the release date for the CD called Now & Wow Part One and is mixed by Rémon Lacroix.

At this moment, Lacroix is playing next to Now & Wow all over the country in several big venues but also in smaller clubs (Escape, Waakzaamheid, Extrema, Dance Valley, Chemistry, etc.)
And he is really popular in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid) where he is playing in clubs like Discoteque (no 1 club), Otto Zutz and 759 and also for the very well known party organisation GET REAL, where Lacroix played in a stadium for 10000 people on Gay Pride Day.