Being the son of a German mother and American father, Pat was able to travel the world at a very young age. Born in New York, he was fortunate to call such big cities as Cologne, Frankfurt, New York, Philadelphia and Tampa his home town.
Despite the many moves no other city influenced Pat as greatly as New York, a place he calls his “home base”.
At an early age he found his passion for music, and played numerous instruments before he started DJ´ing. Being exposed to the different local styles, Pat soon discovered the underground scene which he is still true to today.
From his early days in Tampa, Fl. were he started as a DJ at his local High-School and College radio station, his goal was to entertain and educate the audience with his sound. With his unique mix, Pat is capable of taking the crowed to a higher level using beats, grooves and vocals to create an irresistible sound that only the underground can deliver.
In addition to club appearances he soon held a regular guest spot in a mix show at the Tampa based radio station WFLZ POWER 93.3 FM and helped build it up to one of the leading stations in the Bay Area.
As a by - product of his radio mix work he had the chance to get accustomed to the studio atmosphere. When he moved back to NYC Pat was able to use his acquired knowledge to reveal his talent as a producer and remixer. He worked as musical consultant for a number of underground white label releases in NYC. His good reputation as a DJ and “crowd pleaser” grew with every gig. It did not take long before Pat was playing warm up in the hottest NYC clubs for DJs like David Morales, Armand van Helden, DJ Sneak, Eric Morillo & Frankie Knuckles.
When Pat moved to Cologne (Germany) to join his mother, he brought with him his unique perception of house music and continues to please party goers with his distinct blend of Beats, Grooves, Vocals & Dubs.
Getting more and more involved with music production he founded “Sweet n Low Music”, a company dedicated to produce and spread quality music. He is currently working together with other internationally known DJ´s & producers, such as Tyree Cooper, DJ Digit, Pussy 2000, Sharam Jey and Hans Nieswandt.
Pat is unique. He is one of the few handicapped DJs in this world. Since birth he suffers from cerebral palsy but that has not kept him from trying to achieve his goal and being true to his motto in life: Keep the music alive!!!!
So maybe the time has come for you the experience Pat Cue and get lifted by the Sweet n Low sound.

Pat Cue
Verenigde Staten