Bart Thimbles DJ/ label boss/ radio dj/ producer-remixer.
Ever since the coming of house music, Bart Thimbles has been a household figure in shaping different trends on dance floors across the world. >From the early days of “House party on tour”, to big stage appearances on festivals like Dance Valley and Inner City and during frequent DJ visits to the U.S. Bart Thimbles has constantly been on the forefront of new movements such as House, Drum&Bass, Trip Hop, Break beat, and more recently the “lounge sound”.
His DJ career and mix-compilations have been widely praised and publicized and have earned him a “Lucky Strike Dance Award” for two consecutive years.
As a record executive, Thimbles worked with innovators such as KLF and DeLaSoul, is founder and head of Therapy Records, home of chart successes like: Bastian, Project 2000 and Praful (these last two bands are executive produced by Thimbles), and his own 1998 club smash Masthaz Of Phunk.
Resident and programmer of “Gloria”. Every Friday at Hotel ArenaTonight in Amsterdam. Together with international guest djs (like Frankie Feliciano NY ) and live musicians he combines spiced up funky grooves with warm soulful or jazzy sounds and flirts at the same time with the more pounding club sound or even disco. Musicality and innovation are priority but his sets stay accessible. On Saturdays he plays frequently at Now&wow and Chemistry
Bart started his radio career with fellow dance-pioneer DJ Zki (Chocolate Puma/Jark Prongo) on Holland’s first national dance station, and currently hosts ‘Sunday Therapy’ on national ID&T Radio.

Bart Thimbles