Hij werd groot in de produktieve Edinburgh-scene rondom de Sativa-club, net als Tresor-labelgenoot Dave Tarrida (in juli nog op TechnoLAB). Vandaaruit ontwikkelde hij zijn eigen stijl, met invloeden uit zowel de Detroit Techno als de Sheffieldse Warp-sound. Met talrijke releases op Tresor, Peacefrog en zijn eigen internationaal erkende Scandinavia-label.

Bio van zijn site:
Landstrumm´s body of work spans from 1994-1998. He has recorded for some of the most influential labels in techno including Tresor, peacefrog, Scandinavia, Mosquito and Sonic Groove building up an extensive discography. His own imprint, Scandinavia, now enjoys worldwide recognition for being one of the few labels still innovating in the field of techno and design. During 1994 in Edinburgh, Scotland both friendships and working relationships were formed between a group of artists provided the infrastructure of what was to unfold.

The up front and heavy Sativa club provided the focus of creative attention between Neil, Tobias Schmidt, Shandy and Dave Tarrida providing them with the opportunity to develop their unique Live performance and Dj-ing skills. During this forming period the distinctive "Landstrumm Peacefrog sound" was created which debuted on four Eps and one LP in 1995. Strong ceonnections and EP releases were also made on Christian Vogel´s Mosquito label in Brighton and Adam-X´s Sonic Grooove label in NYC .

In 1996 the assocation began between Scandinavia and Tresor with the first LP release marking a strict departure from the more Chicago based Peacefrog style. "Understanding Disinformation" tested the new Bass Techno sound citing both influences from classic Detroit techno and the more abstract Sheffield Bleep techno. Metallic soundscapes, sub-bass and stark beats set the bleep-tone of the three Lps to follow.

"Bedrooms & Cities", a narrative of the worldwide DJ excursions, displayed a more atonal song structured style again building on the UK bleep movement from the early 1990´s. Bass lines, low and punding combined with swinging raw DMX rhythms, researched sounds, electro thips and zaps gave Landstrumm his best selling work to date pushing the distinctive Scandinavia logo into new domains.

Landstrumm after being granted a USO1 artist visa relocated the label and studio to Brooklyn, NY in August 1997 in order to experience the inner city urban culture.

The 3rd release in this series "Pro Audio" is a project completed entirely in Brooklyn, NY. Heavily designed and manipulated sounds created using an Apple Macintosh Powerbook 1400 and BIAS Peak 1,64 provide him with fresh raw media for sonic experiments. Landstrumm uses Bit-rate decimation and SFX Machine techniques to provide grainy and subsonic grooves within a constantly moving structure. "Pro Audio" illustrates the shift from swinging Jack-Trax to `Sound design for the Digital Territory. Razor sharp scissor hats, sub-funk bass and rolling hip hop structures display the influence of NYC's HipHop culture into his musical output. "Pro-Audio" contains pieces recorded over the whole year and re-edited and processed in May 1998. The album will be available in September 1998.

Neil Landstrumm
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