Caspar Lucius Patricius R├Âmelingh was born on the 30th of December 1965 in Amstelveen (near Amsterdam) Finished High-school in Amsterdam and was always intrigued by music (especially Jazz and Black Music). Started DJ-ing as a hobby in 1977. Together with a few friends, Caspar owned a so called "Drive-in Show" which was quite successful on diverse school-parties etc. Caspar kept buying records until this day (┬▒ 20.000 records). Started professionally at Students-Discotheque in Amsterdam called "Dansen bij Jansen" in September 1986. DJ name became "Cassie 6" because some friends called him Cassie and Cassie 6 is also the name of a 'Dice-game' and in Amsterdam-slang-language, Cassie 6 means "Dead" ("The killing DJ")
As a DJ Cassie was always interested in a lot of different styles of "Black Music": Soul; Funk; Boogie; Hip-Hop; Swingbeat; Disco; House; NY Garage and even Techno. But also: Jazz; Fusion; Brazilian; Soundtracks & Library etc. and now also: Drum 'n Bass; R&B; Nu Classic Soul; Broken Beatz; Nu Jazz. His aim was never to buy records only to be a DJ but just strictly for the love of the music! Which of course reflects on his image as a DJ!
After getting inspiration from the London Jazz-Clubs like " Electric Ballroom" and "Dingwalls" Cassie started his own Sunday afternoon Jazz-Dance Club called "The Message" in Havana (Amsterdam) in May 1991. All kinds of Dancers; Choreographers; Musicians & Artists came and come for the special atmosphere of The Message. There was a lot of Media-attention for the phenomena of Jazz-Dance (newspapers; Telegraaf and Trouw); Magazines (Nieuwe Revu, Playboy, Gay-Krant etc.) but also Radio & Television (IKON & Salto) asked questions about Jazz-Dance UK- and Message-Style.
Although Cassie 6 became a 'Name' as being 'The Jazz-Guru' of Holland he never forgot to keep up with the latest currents in Modern Dance Music. Especially his interest for New York- & London Style Club Music like Garage and all kinds of other Funky, Soulful, Jazzy, Spiritual and Uplifting Dance Music is rated by connoisseurs.

Cassie 6