Mark Williams is no newcomer to the scene after kick-starting his career back in the 80’s. Good or bad memories, no one can deny that dance music was in full force with events such as Energy, Sunrise and Twilight’s and pioneers such as Derrick May were making those tracks like “Strings of Life” that played on the dance floor and which still sounds as good as in their era.
Mark’s DJ career started at clubs like, Mothers, The Wag, Strutt, Naked Lunch, Gass, Ministry of Sound, Club UK (Final Fronteer), Drum Club, Love Ranch, Sex, Love and Motion (U.K. and Amsterdam), Full Circle, Completely Cak and Leisure Lounge, DJ’ing alongside the likes of Darren Emerson and Fabio Paras, always being up with the elite.
Producing was his next step, working alongside Matt Clayden in the early days under the guise of M&M, producing some of those memorable dance tracks in 1990-92. Later, as the Techno/ Hard House scene moved up, Mark and Matt changed their style and were no longer M&M becoming ‘Acorn Arts’ with their label ‘X-Gate’ with such tracks as Body Vanilla and The Drum (a massive club track, soon to be remixed and re-released).
After a couple of years as the dance scene divided, Mark felt it was time to make that step and decided to go alone taking ‘Acorn Arts’ with him. Mark has since then developed into a prolific DJ with a distinctive style that favours those such as Carl Cox and Jeff Mills, DJ’ing at some of the most repected club nights in the scene.
Mark Williams is here to stay after finding his true self with the release of some of his best work yet. Tracks are out on Carl Cox’s label ‘Ultimate Trax’, Billy Nasty’s, ‘Tortured’ and Mark’s own label ‘Artificial Vinyl’. He is also currently working in the studio with Gayle San.

Mark Williams
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