Max 404 is pseudonym of Dutch dance producer Erwin van Moll. Since 1992 he has been releasing internationally acclaimed records on labels such as Eevo Lute, DJAX, United, Universal Language (the label of Tom “Jedi Knight / Cosmo” Middleton), Lucid (label of the Amsterdam club Mazzo), Mo’ Wax and S.S.R. (Freezone). He has also done remixes for artists such as David Holmes, Kirk De Giorgio, Gerd (Sensurreal), Terrace (Acid Junkies) and Rei Harakami. His productions are as musically diverse as his own musical taste: elements of techno, house, breakbeats, dub and ambient music blend together in an organic, unique sound. The influential U.K. mag Muzik chose his 1995 debut CD album “love & mathematics” as album of the month and wrote “This impossibly beautiful album offers 14 slices of emotive excellence”.

The last few years he’s also been part of production duo Clashing Egos (together with his musical partner Jan Vanderlest), composing & producing records like “Warm – It’s in the music”, a minor summer hit in 2001 featuring U.K. singer Kirsty Hawkshaw (Orbital / Brian Transeau). At the moment they’re working on a Clashing Egos album for Belgian label N.E.W.S. (a single will be released autumn 2002, the album early 2003) and producing an album for Eindhoven based hip hop crew (Dutch language!) “Kemphanen”. The autumn of 2002 will also see the first release (a new Max 404 record) on his own dance record label.

As a dj Max 404 is liked for his passion, musicality and ability to blend diverse styles (house, garage, techno, break- and offbeats, disco) into an exciting yet accessible mixture. He has played international clubs / parties such as The End (London), Flow, The Unit and Arches (Glasgow), Beam Hall (Tokyo), Heliopolis festival (Jyvaskyla, Finland) and CafĂ© d’Anvers (Antwerp). In Holland he has played every major club (Waakzaamheid, Now & Wow, Night Town, 013, Tivoli, Mazzo, Melkweg, Doornroosje, Stalker, etc.) and is resident dj in More (Amsterdam), Winkel van Sinkel (Utrecht) and Effenaar (Eindhoven).

Max 404