Kees Heus was born on the 26th of June 1965 in Rozenburg (near Rotterdam). Finished High-school in Amsterdam. Started DJ'ing as a hobby on private parties in 1981. Kees Heus changed his name in DJ-name 'KC the Funkaholic' around 1985 because he was playing a lot of "Rare Grooves" and "Funk" around that time and needed a fancy name! KC started professionally in Students-Discotheque "Dansen bij Jansen' in 1985.
KC was always a trend-setter in the underground dance-music: First he started playing "Rare Grooves" and "Funk" before it became a trend in 1987, then he started to play "House-music" together with another trend-setting DJ "Eddy de Clerque" in just opened "Club RoXY" in Amsterdam before anyone else in the Netherlands (early '88), and when "House" became big and according to KC "boring" he started to play his first love " Hip Hop" and "R&B" and made that big in the Dutch Club Circuit around 1990. KC specialized himself in R&B and Hip Hop because of his special passion for these styles and because nobody in Holland approached it in a serious way
KC founded his own organization called "The Bassline" in 1989 in which he can reflect his passion for Classics and R&B and Hip Hop. Together with his partner and MC "Murth the Man-O-Script' he toured through various venues with the concept of The Bassline. KC have had various Radio-shows on VPRO (National) radio since 1992 and 'Bassline-radio' on New Dance Radio, both nation-wide! KC has been chosen DJ of the year by the Dutch Public in 'Update Magazine' in 1996 and 1998! Which meant that party-people all over the Netherlands could enter forms with their favorite DJ. Also in the music business, KC is considered to be one of the most creative and talented DJ's around.
KC released his first CD this year (Bassline Laid-back Sound Sensation) KC got interviewed in various Dutch written media like: 'De Telegraaf"; 'Volkskrant'; 'Trouw'; 'Het Parool'; 'Update Magazine'; 'Oor'; 'Playboy-Magazine' and on television: "VPRO-House-documentary" in which he invented the internationally acclaimed name "Gabber-House". KC is sponsored by 'Carhartt', 'Stüssy' and Ecko'.
Besides the success-story of The Bassline (Sold out every month in Paradiso), he made a new concept-party in Amsterdam; The Paradisco ('70 and '80 Classics) is actually the most booming party in Holland and because of this success, he just launched a new phenomena called 'Paradisco 2000' in which he can take modern dance-music (like modern Detroit-Techno and NY Garage etc.) to the next century! Both party's are supported by MTV-Europe. KC played with DJ's like: David Morales (NY), Mark Thompson (NJ), Moodyman &Theo Parrish (Detroit), Bob St.Clar (Paris), Larry Heard (Detroit), Wycleff Jean (USA), Tony Humphries (NY), Frankie Knuckles (NY), Dimitri & Towa Tei (Deee-Lite, NY), Maseo (De La Soul, NY), King Britt (Philadelphia), Biz Markie (UK), Brother ? (NY), DJ Sinister (NY), Patrick Forge (London), Danny Rampling (UK), Mike Pickering (UK), Michael & Jody MCFadin (San Fransico)Kevin Saunderson (Detroit), Derrick May (Detroit), Norman Jay (London), Brothers of Peace (NY) and Carl Craig (Detroit). KC performed with the likes of Andreana Evens, Carleen Anderson, 'D'Inluence, Busta Rhymes, The Roots, David Lynden Hall, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Deee-Lite, Rashaan Patterson, Myron, Incognito, Robert Owens, The Fugees, Maxwell, Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai, Wu Tang Clan, The Pharcyde, Alexander O'Neill and many more! Currently KC has a full-time job as a promoter for The Paradiso.

KC the Funkaholic